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Manta-6 Marine VHF Antenna

The United States Coast Guard Project L2478-A1 was conducted to find a replacement for fiberglass antennas used on the AN/SRD-21 direction finder.  The report states, "The requirement to replace these antennas is becoming a problem because of frequent fiberglass antenna breakage.  Maintenance costs should lower because metal antennas (Metz Model Manta) are less costly, more durable, and less likely to require replacement than fiberglass antennas."  The choice of the U.S. Coast Guard for life-saving search and rescue missions should also be your choice.

The MANTA by METZ provides both sail and power boat mariners with an alternative to the large white fiberglass antenna for VHF/FM marine radio.  MANTA is a slim, stainless steel, 34" whip mounted to a nickel plated post into a 1" diameter stainless steel coil.  It will OUTPERFORM conventional 54" 3db gain fiberglass antennas hands down!


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